GaBP Ring-Dr Fobi Ring

GaBP Ring-Dr Fobi Ring

Quick Overview:

A GaBP Ring is a bio compatible polymer ring that is placed as part of a bypass operation to protect a crucial part of the remodeled anatomy, restrict the the pouch, from stretching.


Bariatec Corporation, USA


7cm and 7.5 cm


How does it work?
In a Bypass operation, a small part of the stomach is detached and reconnected to the small intestine further down, bypassing the part of the intestine called the Duodenum. Maintaining the size of this stomach, called the ‘pouch’ is very important. If it stretches, then many Bypass patients regain weight after a few years. The GaBP ring prevents the stretching of the pouch and stoma. This maintains the restrictive element of the procedure for a much longer time, controlling portion size and therefore food intake.

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