CapsoCam SV-2

CapsoCam SV-2

Quick Overview:

Innovations to empower your capsule endoscopy diagnosis.


CapsoVision, USA


The proprietary design of CapsoCam SV-1 makes it the only capsule endoscope to offer a complete 360° view of the small bowel. The panoramic view provides a better viewing experience to the physician than the conventional capsule endoscopes out there. The 360° panoramic view is delivered by four ultra-compact wide angle cameras capturing the small bowel images about the full 360° circumference of the capsule.

Additional Information

Proprietary optics and system integration technology built-in to the CapsoCam SV-1 provides outstanding view of the GI tract.

  • 360° panoramic view
  • Smart Motion Sense
  • Ultra-modern optics design
  • On-board data storage
  • Auto illumination
  • Longer battery life